What is the price of each gram of saffron in 2023?
European and Arab countries are buyers of Iranian bulk saffron.
In this article, we examine the purchase price of Iranian saffron and the product of other countries.

Iranian saffron wholesale

King Business brand is one of the most reliable Iranian saffron wholesale brands in the European market.
This brand produces red gold and has saffron farms and greenhouses in different countries.
Different regions of Iran and the Herat region of Afghanistan are one of the main production centers of King brand products.
In recent years, the company’s saffron farms in the Mancha region of Spain, and saffron farms in France and Morocco, produce both quality and bulk products.

Buying Iranian saffron

Is the purchase price of Iranian saffron different from the product of other countries?
The main factor that affects the buying and selling rate of red gold is the product’s grade.
Each country has its climate and weather conditions.
Farm soil is different in every region and country.
Therefore, the quality of the product collected from the farms of each region is different.

Buying Iranian saffron
Buying Iranian saffron

The online price of saffron in Iran

Online shopping in Iran is of interest to most buyers.
People who do not have the opportunity to go to the market and choose the product they want are fans of online shopping.
The online sales price is different for different brands.
Each gram of saffron is offered in the market at different rates according to the quality of the product and the credibility of the seller’s brand.

Sale of grade A saffron

What is the best type of saffron for export?
Our export destination and the type of market demand determine which type is the best.
The sale of Iranian grade A saffron of the King brand has many fans in the European market.

Sale of grade A saffron
Sale of grade A saffron

The price of saffron per kilo today

One of the reasons for the difference in the purchase price of Iranian saffron with the product of other regions is the high coloring of the saffron of this region.
Of course, the amount of fragrance of red gold in Iran can also be mentioned.
Today, the buying and selling price of Iranian saffron per kilo in Europe was between 2860 and 3290 euros.

1 gram of saffron in 2023

Retail sale of saffron is done in different weights.
Considering what weights our target market has the most demand for the product;
Saffron sellers offer their products according to market demand.
The products of this brand are designed and presented to the market in retail packages suitable for presentation in online stores and sales centers.
The price of 1 gram of saffron will cross $19 in 2023.

1 gram of saffron in 2023
1 gram of saffron in 2023

The purchase price of Iranian saffron

Another effective factor in the difference in the purchase price of Iranian saffron with other regions is the coarseness of the red gold threads.
The saffron that is collected from the fields of Iran is very much appreciated by the buyers of this product in terms of its appearance.
Saffron King Business is a wholesaler of red gold.
The products of this brand are offered to buyers at the production price.

Buyers of bulk saffron

Among the biggest buyers of Iran’s bulk saffron, the following can be mentioned.
European countries
Arabic countries
Asian countries
Buyers in African countries

Although saffron is currently planted and produced in most of these countries;
However, the quality of Iranian saffron is very popular among buyers of this product all over the world.
Saffron King Business can export saffron to all countries of the world.

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