How do you think the export of saffron will be in November?
King brand saffron wholesale branch was opened in France.
The update of saffron buying and selling rates in euros and dollars is provided on the company’s website.
Read the Saffron price 12 Sep in this article.

Selling Iranian saffron

In the last month, two branches selling Iranian saffron of the King brand were opened.
These two centers are the saffron sales branch in Belgium and the saffron wholesale store in France.

Planting saffron in France

King Business has opened several large saffron planting projects in France.
Planting saffron in the greenhouse as well as several saffron farms in France is managed by the planting training unit of this company.
Saffron greenhouse planting training courses are offered under modern science and the latest international training methods.

Planting saffron in France
Planting saffron in France

The price of buying saffron in 2023

As mentioned, King Business is a producer of red gold.
The products of these two brands are directly supplied from the company’s farms in Iran, Afghanistan, Spain, and France.
It can be seen that the purchase price of saffron in 2023 will increase between 10 and 15%.

Wholesale of saffron in France

King Business Company offers the best Iranian saffron in the European Union.
The saffron wholesale branch in France was opened last week.
In addition to Iranian saffron, Afghan red gold and French organic saffron are offered in this store.

The Saffron price 12 Sep

Any product and goods that are purchased directly from the manufacturer, its quality can be recognized more easily.
King % brand products have a quality guarantee.
The price of the products of these brands is proportional to their quality.
The Saffron price 12 Sep for these two brands has increased by 2 to 5%.

The Saffron price 12 Sep
The Saffron price 12 Sep

How much is 1 gram of saffron?

Various grades and various packages are offered in King saffron online store.
Considering which type of saffron the buyer should order in which package;
The price of 1 gram of saffron varies from 9 to 14 dollars for him.

Buying saffron in Belgium

The King brand has fully covered the entire European Union.
The Iranian saffron branch of King Business operates in several countries around the world.
This month, the saffron shopping center in Belgium was officially opened.
In this sales branch, like other branches of the King brand, products are offered in bulk.

Buying saffron in Belgium
Buying saffron in Belgium

The price of saffron in pounds

As mentioned, products from several countries are offered in the King Saffron store.
The price of Iranian saffron is slightly different from the products of other countries.
The buyer can choose the product of any country he wants at the time of purchase.
The price of each kilo of Iranian grade A saffron is 3100 euros on average.

1 kilo of saffron in Europe

In recent years, the planting and production of saffron in Europe have been increasing.
Saffron King Business Company operates in the field of greenhouse saffron planting and farm saffron cultivation.
The price of 1 kilo of saffron in England, produced by the King brand, is sold at an average of 3890 pounds.

1 kilo of saffron in Europe
1 kilo of saffron in Europe

Import of saffron in November

The red gold harvesting season in Asian countries is from November 15 to 30.
Usually, the export of fresh saffron starts in December.
King Business Company import saffron to the European Union and all over the world.
The export of saffron to Europe is done by these two brands using the DDP method.

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