Kilo saffron shopping center was opened in Paris.
This center is one of the largest branches of Saffron King Business in Europe.
The price of bulk saffron in France increased by 2% this month.
King Busines is active in selling Iranian saffron and planting greenhouse saffron in France and Holland.

Selling Iranian saffron

How much is the price of bulk saffron in France?
One of the important factors in the selling price of red gold is the amount of the buyer’s order.
1 kg is usually considered the most basic weight for wholesale saffron.
King brand is one of the most reliable sellers of Iranian saffron in all countries.

Saffron shopping center in Paris

As mentioned, the King Busines brand has branches selling saffron in most countries of the European Union.
The saffron mall in Paris has recently opened.
In this center, types of Iranian red gold, Afghan saffron, and organic saffron from France and Spain are offered.

Saffron shopping center in Paris
Saffron shopping center in Paris

Saffron King store

The price of bulk saffron in FraKing Businessnce exceeded 4000 dollars this month.
King Business is the wholesaler of this valuable product.
This means that the retail sale of saffron in this store is done under special conditions.
If we want the product to be delivered to us at a wholesale price, our minimum order in various retail weights must be between 300 and 500 of each weight.

The price of bulk saffron in France

Are the prices of saffron produced in different countries different?
An important issue that changes the price of red gold is its quality.
The products collected in different parts of a farm may be different.
For example, in lands that have a slope,
The quality of red gold collected in the lower and lower part of the earth is different from the product harvested from the upper part of the earth.
The price of bulk saffron in France grade A King brand is 4180 euros on average.

The price of bulk saffron in France
The price of bulk saffron in France

Planting greenhouse saffron

France is one of the important centers of greenhouse saffron planting and field planting in Europe.
King Business Company manages several saffron planting projects in greenhouses and farms in this country.
Due to their better quality, the price of greenhouse saffron is higher than the products harvested from the farm.

The price of 1 kilo of saffron in Europe

As mentioned, red gold produced in different countries is offered in the market at different rates.
The high quality of Iranian saffron is of great interest among European buyers.
The price of 1 kilo of saffron in Europe varies from $3830 to $4290.

Online shopping for saffron

In addition to retail, bulk saffron is also available in the online store.
Buyers who want to buy the product in the bulk can:
Choose the type and grade you want in the store.
In bulk purchases that are over 1 kg, if the customer has a request, a 250-gram sample will be sent to him first.

Online shopping for saffron
Online shopping for saffron

Belgium saffron kilo shopping center

Among other active sales branches of the King Business brand, we can mention the Brussels sales branch.
The Belgian saffron kilo shopping center started working last week.
This King branch, like other sales centers of this brand, mainly offers.

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