What is the forecast for saffron prices in Sep and Oct?
On this website, the daily price of King brand products is published daily.
See the saffron price in September in the separate tables of wholesale and retail sales.

Buying kilos of saffron

These days, we are approaching the end of the saffron season in the countries that produce this product.
This year, the amount of buying and selling red gold in kilos and bulk in the international
markets has decreased compared to previous years.
Saffron King Business is 1 of the most reliable saffron buying centers in Europe.

How much is 1 gram of saffron?

It is expected that the price of saffron will increase again in September 2022.
In online stores today, one gram of saffron is between $8 and $12.
Of course, in envelope packages, 1g is offered at this rate, and in other packages,
for example, glass containers, the rate is different.

Saffron price forecast in Sept

Farmers, sellers, and buyers of red gold are waiting for the new harvest of saffron.
Considering that the drought continues, there is a possibility of repeating the
situation of the previous year, i.e. the low harvest of saffron flowers.
It seems reasonable that the trend of saffron prices will increase in September and October 2022.

Saffron price forecast in Sept
Saffron price forecast in Sept

Wholesale of saffron

What effect does red gold harvest have on the market of this product?
The amount of red gold production in Iran is such that:
Even if there is a decrease, it cannot be said that the harmony between supply and demand
of the product in the domestic market is established.
The decrease in the amount of harvest plays a more important role in the situation of wholesale and import of red gold.
Of course, for Saffron King Business, which produces saffron, the amount of imports to Europe has increased.

The price of a kilo of saffron

We have less than two months to harvest new saffron in Iran and Afghanistan.
In these months, quality saffron is usually scarce in the markets for buying and selling this product.
Despite the poor quality of red gold in these months, the price of each kilo of
saffron increases between 10 and 15 percent.
To buy grade 1 saffron for the European market, contact the sales department of King.

Selling saffron

What is the saffron price in September for the best-selling type of product?
People who want to work in a certain region or country in the field of buying and selling this product,
Perhaps the first question that comes to their mind is:
Which type of product sells better for their target market?
This is a specialized question and it is necessary to consult and coordinate with companies
and private sectors that operate in this field.

Selling saffron
Selling saffron

How much is 1 kilo of saffron?

The minimum weight set for buying and selling red gold in bulk is 1 kg.
Each kilogram of grade 1 grade A saffron is sold for between $2580 and $2830.
Get the wholesale price of different types of pure saffron from Saffronprices.com.

The saffron price in September

From the end of November and the beginning of December, fresh saffron enters the market.
Usually, in the last months of the saffron season, i.e. August, Sep, and early November,
buying and selling this product is done under special conditions.
The saffron price in September can be predicted from now.
Between 1 and 2 percent increase in the selling rate of red gold will be created in the market.

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