We are in the final days of the saffron season, and at this time, the price of saffron will fluctuate the most.
The selling price of saffron is updated on this site.
In this section, you can see the price of saffron on 2 September.

Iranian saffron store

Saffron King Company is one of the producers of red gold in Iran and Afghanistan.
This company supplies all kinds of pure saffron to the market in various packages.

Where is the saffron market in Europe?

There are many farms in Iran where saffron is planted.
If you want to buy saffron directly from our farmers, you can contact our sales department.
The saffron market in Europe is King Business, which has branches in different countries.

How to buy and sell bulk saffron

You can place an order in this collection in different ways.
One of the best solutions is to communicate directly with the experts of the sales department and send an email to our company.
Of course, by visiting the Saffron King webshop, you can see and buy different types of saffron at different prices.

How to buy and sell bulk saffron
How to buy and sell bulk saffron

What is the price of a kilo of saffron today?

The price of saffron in the wholesale market varies.
In general, the price of each kilo of saffron is between 2500 and 2900 euros.

Wholesale of packaged saffron

The minimum quantity for the wholesale sale of saffron is 1000 packages of 1 gram.
Also, the minimum amount of bulk saffron sample is 250 g.

The price of saffron on 2 September

Changes in the saffron market are reported on this site.
Today, the price of saffron has increased compared to the previous month.

The price of saffron on 2 September
The price of saffron on 2 September

Direct sale of saffron

You can get saffron at the production rate from Saffron King.
To order and buy saffron, just contact our experts.

The best type of Iranian saffron

In the previous article, we reviewed different types of Iranian saffron.
Each of these saffrons is used for specific purposes according to their advantages.

Price per gram of saffron

Pure saffron is marketed in special packages.
Because these products and packages are made in a special packaging factory and have all the standards required for food.
The price of 1 gram of King Business brand saffron is between 9 and 12 €.

Price per gram of saffron
Price per gram of saffron

Sale of pure saffron

Red gold is used in restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, and chocolate factories.
So this difference in quality is very evident.
The price of saffron on 2 September shows that buyers should buy saffron sooner, why?
Because soon there is a possibility of increasing the price of saffron.
You can contact our experts to buy pure Iranian saffron.

The largest supplier of saffron

Saffron King company is active in the field of saffron production and planting and saffron sales throughout Europe.
Contact us to buy Iranian, Afghan, and Spanish saffron.

Direct contact with saffron sales department
Please enter your mobile phone number and email address carefully so that our colleagues in Safran Sales can contact you. (Call pure saffron sales and wholesaling premium saffron +4917687913876

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