نیدرلینڈز میں زعفران کی فروخت کی شاخ

The current market situation in the country is not very stable.
Rates for buying and selling products, goods and even services are changing daily and even momentarily.
The red gold market is also affected by these daily fluctuations.
For this reason, it is necessary to have the latest bulk saffron price list before buying.
In this site, the daily price of major saffron and the packaging and purchase price of a kilo of saffron are updated daily.

Wholesale and packaged saffron today

Wholesale and packaged saffron today
Wholesale and packaged saffron today

The farmer or producer determines the first stage of buying and selling red gold.
In Iran, Khorasan region, Gonabad region and Torbat Heydariyeh are the main centers of saffron production and planting.
Purchases from the farmer are mostly in bulk and it is rare for the product to be marketed in small packages.
The daily price of bulk saffron, which can be purchased directly from the producer, is between 100 and 500 Euros less than the market rate.
In some cases, these price fluctuations can reach up to 800 and 100 euros.

Saffron King launches its products directly.
Today, one kilogram A is loaded between 12,980 and 14,100 by SaffronKing.shop.

bulk saffron price list

Red gold is one of the products that is bought and sold in all seasons.
Numerous medicinal and nutritional properties of this product have made customers eager to buy it daily and regularly.
Saffron King Company is exclusively engaged in the wholesale of bulk and packaged saffron.
Our company has a saffron (red gold) planting farm in Mashhad and other parts of Khorasan.
The price of bulk saffron is updated daily and instantly on the websites of this collection.
At Saffronprices.com, the kilogram sales rate of products in international markets is updated instantly.

Buy a kilo of saffron

Buy a kilo of saffron
Buy a kilo of saffron

One of the ways to buy a kilo of saffron from this collection is to place an order on the Saffronking.shop site.
This store site registers customer orders from all countries online in the shortest time.
The purchase price of a kilo of saffron is uploaded daily in this web shop. bulk saffron price list
Each kilo of Saffron King brand was offered in the market for between 980 and 1300 Euros.
Product packaging can be seen on the company’s website.
One gram of Saffron King saffron in the latest package of this company is 1.55 Euros.

You dear ones can: You can also place an order by visiting the sales offices of the company in person or by calling the sales unit.
The latest bulk saffron price list

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