Prezzo di vendita dello zafferano sfuso in Italia

China is one of the major importers of Iranian red gold.
In this article you will see the Sell ​​saffron in China and the price of saffron in dollars.
Each kilogram of saffron in Beijing and Shanghai KING brand varies from $ 780 to $ 1610 (Super A +).

Every kilogram of saffron in Beijing?

Sell ​​saffron in China
Sell ​​saffron in China

Buying and selling saffron s a bit difficult for traders and companies from other countries.
Red gold in this country is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and their pharmaceutical organization.
This medicinal plant is widely used in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and almost all other cities.
KING Company specializes in the sale and export of red gold.
See the latest price list of saffron KING in the market below.

The purchase price of saffron in the market

Each gram of high-consumption saffron in Baziar is bought and sold between $ 2 and $ 6 in online stores.
The purchase price of saffron for the restaurant is $ 610
Ordinary product with grade A $ 1390
Super Negin Saffron $ 1650

price of saffron – Sell ​​saffron in China

price of saffron - Sell ​​saffron in China
price of saffron – Sell ​​saffron in China

Red gold is mostly grown in greenhouses in this country.
Although this widely used plant is produced in different parts of Hong Kong and other cities, but:
The Chinese market is still one of the major buyers of Iranian saffron and Afghan saffron.
Because we have a saffron farm in Iran and Afghanistan and we produce red gold, you can buy this product directly from our farmers.
Saffron KING Company is a wholesaler of Iranian red gold and Afghan products in this country.
The Sell ​​saffron in China is written in dollars at the top, but the price of saffron depends on several factors.

Buy saffron at the best price

Transportation and handling of products is one of the most important parts in sales.
Red gold is a valuable product and how it is transported and packaged is important in maintaining its quality.
Buyers are more careful and sensitive to maintain this product because most customers in this country use red gold as medicine.
In addition, they have a good knowledge about the degree of purity and counterfeitness of this product.
Saffron KING store is one of the largest saffron shopping centers in China, which offers quality products at the best prices.

The best saffron in Shanghai

The best saffron in Shanghai
The best saffron in Shanghai

Saffron is imported to China with special rules and conditions.
In Shanghai, only pharmaceutical companies are allowed to import this product through customs.
KING company specializes in Sell ​​saffron in China and exporting it.
The company’s products are offered to the market in three grades.
1 – Premium
2 – Grade A
3 – We offer you a very good grade A + and the best saffron in Shanghai in these three degrees of quality.

Delivery of saffron to the destination

Sending and exporting any product requires going through the export and import processes and it costs a lot and it takes several days to receive the products from the customs and import them into the country.
This is an important issue and there are special conditions for sending food and medicine products, especially red gold.
Those who are involved in buying and selling red gold know very well that the delivery of saffron to the final destination (all over China) is an extremely important advantage, and Saffron King Business offers you this important advantage and different types of this product. Delivered to you all over China (at final destination – at your company address).

The highest quality saffron

Since 2017, China has pre-purchased Afghan saffron.
The World Food Taste and Quality Center in Brussels has named Afghan saffron the world’s best red gold and the world’s highest quality saffron.
The quality of Iranian saffron is known in the world before the products of other countries.
KING brand is the largest seller of the highest quality saffron and exports these products to different countries of the world.

If you want to buy the highest quality saffron at the best price, you can contact our experts.

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