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What is the price of bulk saffron in the European market today?
Is the wholesale price of saffron lower than its retail price?
Red gold is one of the important products that has a good position in the market as well as in exports to other countries.
Saffron King is one of the major saffron buying and packaging centers throughout Europe.
The price of this product is changing daily due to a series of domestic factors and some international policies.
In this site, you can get the instant price of the daily updated saffron.
bulk saffron price updates may be published more than once during the day on the company’s websites.

Wholesale saffron sales

Wholesale saffron sales
Wholesale saffron sales

The purchase of kilograms and bulk of red gold in the German market is done at a better price than in the Dutch market.
Germany is the economic hub of Europe, where the sale and purchase of saffron is booming.
The sales office of Saffron King in Germany is in Munich.
Of course, different brands are active in the field of retail and warm and heavy packaging of this product.
But in the Munich market, the focus is more on wholesale sales of saffron than partial sales.

Each kilo of premium saffron in the market

Distribution and packaging companies buy their product from wholesale centers in kilograms.
Buying bulk saffron has several important advantages for this group of buyers.
In buying a kilogram, the product price is more appropriate.
When the product is purchased in bulk, the customer sees its quality and volume closely.

Buy the best saffron in bulk

The buyer can package and supply his product according to his target market.
The price per kilo of premium saffron in the market for each type is announced according to its grade.
(Instant price of saffron)
Today, one kilo of Saffron King grade A saffron is sold in the German market for 1580 Euros.

Price of bulk saffron

Price of bulk saffron
Price of bulk saffron

Should we buy the product in packages for export or in bulk?
After packing the product in weights under 1 kg, the volume of the shipment increases.
For example, 5 kg of saffron can be packed and sealed in 1 container or in packages of 300 to 500 grams.
If it is in a container (five kilograms), it is definitely easier to move, while it costs less to transport and send.
The price of bulk saffron varies according to the type of packaging and the amount of its order.
One gram of Saffron King red gold in the 300 or 500 gram range is 1 euro and 85 cents. 1.85 Euro

Buy bulk and packaged saffron

When it comes to tonnage and bulk purchases, the product is mainly traded in bulk and in kilograms.
Purchases of one ton and more are for export.
Importing countries buy red gold in bulk.
Why so :

  • They do the packaging according to the market and the taste of their customers.
  • The bulk purchase rate of the product is lower than the packaged product.
  • In our country, as a seller of red gold, the current price of saffron is significant. (Fluctuates a lot)
  • By purchasing the product tonnage, the buyer can not be involved in this price change for a while.

If you want to buy the highest quality saffron at the best price, contact us.

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