What will be the trend of saffron export in December?
How much is the saffron price sale 25 September?
Saffron King Business brand is one of the most reliable sellers of bulk and packaged saffron in Europe.

Wholesale of saffron

Is the product price lower in wholesale saffron?
Red gold is sold in two main ways, i.e. retail and selling the product individually and by the kilo.
Individuals and companies who wholesale the product make their profit in circulation.
That is, in this type of sales, the focus is on spreading the product more in the market.

How much is 1 gram of saffron?

As mentioned, there are differences between retailing and wholesaling a product.
One of the most important differences is the side costs that are done to package the product in retail.
These costs are added to the original price of saffron and increase the price of buying and selling the product in small packages.
1 gram of saffron in the King Business online store is on average 9 to 13 euros.

How much is 1 gram of saffron?
How much is 1 gram of saffron?

Saffron price sale 25 September

These days, farmers are transferring saffron onions to their fields.
In the greenhouse environments, the transfer of saffron onions to the shelves and planting hall is underway.
In less than two months, the new product will be released to the market.
One of the main reasons for the increase in the saffron price sale 25 September is this issue.

1 kilo of saffron in October

We are in the final weeks of buying and selling saffron produced in 2021.
Approaching the season of collecting fresh saffron can be investigated from 2 aspects.
Buyers and sellers are waiting for new products to enter the market.
On the other hand, economic activists who work in the field of this valuable product make their purchases in September and October.

1 kilo of saffron in October
1 kilo of saffron in October

Buy saffron

Will the saffron price sale increase in September 2022?
As mentioned, the purchase of saffron has almost increased this month.
The main reason for this increase in buying and selling of saffron in Shahrivar can be seen as experts’ predictions that:
They have announced a 20-30% increase in the price of saffron in November and December.

Saffron online store

Not only saffron but also most food products, medicine, clothing, housing, and other needs of human societies are bought and sold on the Internet.
Saffron King shop offers the best Iranian saffron, Afghan red gold, and Spanish saffron around the world.
In this online store, the product is offered in retail and bulk packages.

Saffron online store
Saffron online store

Export of saffron in December

As you know, fresh saffron is collected from the fields in the middle of November.
It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the new product to go through the drying and processing stages.
Considering that more than 90% of the saffron produced in Iran and Afghanistan has been exported abroad, therefore:
The trend of saffron export will be more prosperous in the beginning and from the middle of December.

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