This plant is known as red gold.
It is one of the most beloved and precious spices of ancient cultures due to its aroma,
color, medicinal and medicinal properties.
This plant is called the flower of health and the king of spices and is the most expensive plant in the world.
What is saffron? Red Gold Specifications

Profile of Red Gold

Profile of Red Gold
Profile of Red Gold

Red-yellow strings; Gives a special beauty to this plant.
Some compounds and characteristics of Red Gold:
The red color of saffron is called crocus.
Purple flowers that bloom in the fall and the flowers bloom only one to three weeks each year.

Saffron blossoms

Each bloom consists of three yellow strings, each ending in a reddish stigma.
A combination of golden and crimson style is what we know as saffron.
These yarns are hand-picked and dried, resulting in a fragrant and flavorful spice that is valued around the world.
Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Kashmir, Spain, China, USA, Morocco, France, Portugal,
etc. are some of the countries where Red Gold is grown.

Saffron quality control

Saffron quality control
Saffron quality control

We select our raw materials from our local farmers network and select each item
carefully and always ensure consistent and excellent quality.
Using chromatographic method, the type, amount and amount of red gold compounds
are determined and compared with the items prescribed by the relevant standard.

What is saffron? ISO test for Red Gold؟

In our laboratories, any deviation from the prescribed range, indicating that the sample is a counterfeit,
is immediately removed from the processing cycle.
According to ISO 3632-2 and ISO 3632-1 test methods, saffron filaments are divided into
different qualitative categories by measuring the concentration of crocin (related to color),
safranal (aroma) and picrocrocin (taste).

The largest producer of saffron in the world

The largest producer of saffron in the world

According to Amaz, Iran produces more than 80% of saffron production worldwide.
The amount of red gold production in this country is between 380 to 450 tons per year,
of which about 90% of the product is in Central Khorasan province.
Climatic and geographical conditions completely affect the quality and quantity
of plants grown and harvested in different parts of the world.
It is interesting to know: our company has a saffron planting farm in several

Customer satisfaction from our companies

Due to the fact that we are a producer of Red Gold (farmer) and a direct supplier of red gould,
we try to offer the highest quality products at the best prices and very good services to customers.
Diverse packaging
Presenting different types of saffron
Offer the best price for this product
Special sales festivals and …

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