The subject of this article: the price of saffron in Europe, luxury saffron and selling saffron in special packaging

Saffron trade in Europe

Saffron trade in Europe

We present you some reports from sales, export, packaging and various departments.
Saffron trading in Europe is carried out by King Business Company, and in the following we will present you the process of selling and distributing saffron in European countries and the price of saffron.

saffron in special packaging

According to registered reports, 50,000 King Business branded luxury packages have been produced in China.
These packages are specially produced for saffron.

Special packaging of saffron in China

These packages have been loaded onto the ship from China and will arrive at the port of Rotterdam in the next 7-10 days.
As you know, the port of Rotterdam is the second largest port in the world and merchants mostly use this port to distribute their goods all over Europe.

Distribution of saffron throughout Europe

Distribution of saffron throughout Europe

King Business is headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The director of the company’s packaging department announced: After the order is unloaded, the central branch distributes saffron in special packaging to the branches across Europe.

Buy saffron

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If you want to buy luxury saffron in a special package, please contact our colleagues in the sales department.

Saffron sales branch in European countries

We deliver bulk and packaged saffron in European countries to your final destination.
Saffron sales branch in European countries:
The Netherlands

Buyers of luxury saffron

Buyers of luxury saffron

The luxury saffron order is produced in very attractive packaging for delivery to the European market.
Buyers of luxury saffron?
Gift shops
Herbal medicine stores
Webshops that sell natural food.

The price of pure saffron

This deluxe packaging is more suitable for gifts and is produced in 1 gram, 2 gram and 5 gram weights.
The price of pure saffron is between 9 and 13 euros per gram.

Saffron in luxury packaging

One of the main features of this type of packaging is that the product is completely free of plastic and 100% pure and natural saffron is presented to you.
The type of beautiful and special packaging for saffron has had a major effect on the increase in turnover.
One of the main features of saffron in special packaging is its design, logo, material type and choice of color.

Saffron sales offices in Europe

Monthly meetings are held at the head office in Rotterdam with all staff and these meetings are very important because sales strategies and providing more service to customers are discussed.

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