You can buy different types of Iranian saffron from King Business online shop in different ways.
In this store, this product is presented to you in various packages.

The selling price of saffron

The number of stores that sell this product is not small.
For this reason, you see various prices in the market.
In the saffron online shop, the selling price of this product is 13 to 15 dollars per gram.

The purchase price of saffron

Restaurants, food manufacturing companies, chocolate factories, pharmaceutical companies, and food distribution companies buy this product in bulk.
The price of buying 1 kilo of saffron today in the European market was 2900 to 3500 euros.
Sale of saffron Iranian is sold both in bulk and in small packages by King Business Company.

The purchase price of saffron
The purchase price of saffron

Buying and selling saffron

In general, many people are interested in buying and selling saffron.
But can you, dear buyers, trust them?
Buying and selling saffron requires expertise.
Providing saffron to the market requires that we guarantee 100% product quality.
We suggest that you buy this valuable product from the largest and most reliable saffron seller in Europe, King Business Company, so that you can be completely sure of its quality and price.

Buying saffron from the farmer

In general: there are many farms in Iran where saffron is cultivated, for this reason, a large amount of saffron consumed in the world is produced by this country.
Do you know that King Business has a farm in Iran and Afghanistan and grows saffron?
To buy saffron from the farmers of our company, you can directly contact the sales department and our farmers.

Buying saffron from the farmer
Buying saffron from the farmer

Sale of saffron Iranian

This product has the most demand in packages of 0.50 grams, 0.10 grams, and 0.25 grams.
The sale of bulk saffron has also boomed and saffron traders buy this product in half-a-kilo and 1-kilo packages.

Buy saffron online

You must have seen in the King Business store that the minimum order quantity is 1000 packages.
Those who want to have an online shop can buy this product in standard packages from our company in bulk and sell it in their online store.

Saffron King shop

This store sells its products both online and in person.
You can buy all kinds of products you need by visiting one of the saffron sales branches in Europe.

Saffron King shop
Saffron King shop

The quality of Iranian saffron

Sale of saffron Iranian is sold by King Business Company and this company guarantees the quality of all its products one hundred percent, for this reason, you can buy all types of red gold from this company with full confidence.

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