Where can we get this year’s saffron?
The list of daily saffron prices is 20 September 2022.
Saffron King Business is one of the reliable wholesale centers of bulk and packaged saffron in the European market.

Buy bulk saffron

What is the advantage of buying saffron in bulk and in kilos?
One of the most important advantages of buying kilos of red gold is the lower price compared to retail sales.
In this way, buying 1 kilo of saffron in 0.5-gram packages is more than twice the cost of buying this amount of product in bulk.

How much is 1 gram of saffron?

As mentioned, if we buy saffron in retail packages, we need to pay more.
1 gram of saffron in packaging is on average 9 to 12 euros.
In the table daily saffron price 20 September, $3,380 per kilo is included.

How much is 1 gram of saffron?
How much is 1 gram of saffron?

The daily saffron prices is 20 September

Today, each kilo of saffron was sold in the European market with an increase of 1.5%.
A kilo of King brand grade A saffron is offered at an average of $3160.

Wholesale of saffron

If we want to express another advantage of wholesale saffron;
It can be mentioned the high volume of buying and selling and the quick return of profit to the seller.
In this way, in retail, the most time is needed to prepare the product and distribute it in the market.

Wholesale of saffron
Wholesale of saffron

Buy kilos of saffron

It was noted that the return on profit is faster in wholesale than in retail.
When we want to offer the product in retail, we need to spend various expenses.
The cost of packaging, processing, distribution in the market, and…
Of course, product processing is also done in bulk sales, but packaging and delivery to customers and sales are much faster.

The selling price of saffron

What changes does the saffron price chart on September 20, 2022 show?
As you can see, the selling price of saffron has been increasing since several months ago.
Of course, in some weeks we have witnessed the stagnation of the saffron market.
However, it is expected that the buying and selling rate of red gold will increase sharply in the coming months.

The selling price of saffron
The selling price of saffron

5 grams of saffron in the market

Saffron is sold in King brand retail packages in bulk.
Currently, the default packages of the company are 0.1 gm, 0.25 gm, 0.5 gm, and 1 gm.
The minimum purchase order from the company is 1000 packages for each weight.
That is, if the buyers have observed the minimum bulk purchase, the products will be sent to them at the wholesale price.

This year’s saffron sale

King Business is one of the most reliable centers for selling fresh saffron in Europe. (saffron prices is 20 September)
King saffron brand is a producer of red gold.
All stages of production, processing, packaging, sale, and export of saffron are done by this company.

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