Due to the increase in the price of all products, the price of buying and selling saffron has also changed this month.
The saffron price in September and October is available to you daily on this website.

The selling price of saffron this month

It is expected that the price of saffron will increase by 5 to 11% in October, November, and December.
In September, not much change can be seen in the market trend.

The value of Iranian saffron

The price of a kilo of saffron
The purchase price of Iranian saffron

This valuable product is known as red gold.
Statistics show that more than 90% of red gold consumed in the world is grown in Iran.

The price of Iranian saffron

In European countries, product quality is very important.
Iranian saffron is one of the highest quality types of red gold that has many fans in the European market.

The price of one gram of saffron

In the Saffron King online store, this product is presented to you in various packages.
The retail price of one gram of saffron is between 11 and 15 euros.

Wholesale of saffron

Saffron price in September
Saffron price in September

Half-kilo and one-kilo packages are used for buying and selling bulk saffron.
King Business shop is one of the most reliable wholesalers of red gold.

The price of a kilo of saffron

Iranian saffron is one of the most widely used products in the market of Asia and Europe.
Pharmaceutical companies, ice cream makers, chocolate makers, and restaurants are major buyers of this product.
The price of each kilo of saffron this month is 3100 to 3400 dollars.

How to buy saffron

Considering the high value of this product, we suggest you buy red gold from reputable companies.
With this method, you will be completely sure of the quality and price of the products.

The saffron price in September

One of the most important services of King Business Company for you, dear buyers, is that; All kinds of products in various weights are available to you in the online store.
1 kilo of saffron is sold in half-kilo packages at the price of 3300 euros.

Today’s price of saffron

Today's price of saffron
Today’s price of saffron

In general, the selling price of all types of saffron is provided to you on the company’s website daily so that you can easily buy the product you need.
The saffron price in September and other months are updated daily on this website.

The purchase price of saffron

The best way to buy saffron is to directly contact the experts in our sales department and get the price list for buying saffron.
The second method is to buy the products you need through the Saffron King online store.
If you also want to represent our company in your city and work in the field of buying and selling saffron, you can contact our experts and get the necessary permits in this field from our company.

Direct contact with saffron sales department
Please enter your mobile phone number and email address carefully so that our colleagues in Safran Sales can contact you. (Call pure saffron sales and wholesaling premium saffron +4917687913876

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