Last week, our company’s saffron was harvested from agricultural fields.
A large portion of these products is exported to Europe.
The saffron price of 500 gr /200 g is in the international market put up by King Business on the same website.

Purchase price of fresh saffron

175 kg of Iranian saffron entered the company’s headquarters in packages of half a kilo.
To buy fresh saffron with the best quality, you can contact our company’s sales department right now.

King Company Headquarters

King Company Headquarters
King Company Headquarters

One of the biggest saffron outlets in Europe is King Business.
The saffron shop has opened in Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands.
You dear buyers can buy your products by visiting one of the company’s websites.

1kg saffron price

Shoppers are usually pharmaceutical companies, chocolate companies, and restaurants.
Each kilogram of pure saffron is sold and bought on the European market for 3,400 euros.

Saffron price of 500 gr

Restaurants and some food-supply companies buy red gold in packaging from 100 grams to 1 kg.
In King Business, pure saffron is available in the market in 100 grams of 250 grams, and 500 grams.

Price of Iranian saffron

Price of Iranian saffron
Price of Iranian saffron

Saffron is being cultivated in various countries.
Hot and dry climates are required for saffron cultivation.
Iran has many farms to grow saffron.
The saffron price of 500 gr is in the online store between 900 and 1150 EUR.

Buy Saffron without intermediates

Buy saffron directly from the farmers of King Business Saffron.
This way you will ensure the quality of the products.
Meanwhile, you can buy red gold in the best conditions.

How many kilograms of saffron is there?

Iranian saffron is one of the best types of red gold.
For this reason, many customers are willing to buy Iranian saffron.
Spain is one of the largest buyers of Iranian red gold.

Online Saffron Shop

Online Saffron Shop
Online Saffron Shop

In King, the quality of products is 100% guaranteed.
You can buy Iranian, Afghan, and Spanish saffron from the online Saffron shop of King Company.

The sale price of saffron

You can buy products from our company’s saffron store in a few ways.
One of the important services our company provides you is that it provides the price of saffron sale to our customers daily.

Wholesale of saffron

Red gold has many properties.
Wholesale of saffron throughout Europe is carried out by King Business.
If you want to start your own business in the field of buying and selling saffron, you can contact our business consultants.

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