Which center is the most reliable Iranian saffron shopping center in Europe?
Saffron King Business is a supplier and seller of saffron in Europe.
Get the price list of Saffron price 14 Sep on the company’s website.

Buy Iranian saffron

The price of buying and selling Iranian saffron in European markets crossed the border of 3800 dollars.
Almas Saffron Jahan Company offers the best types of saffron for different countries to its buyers.
This company is known as one of the largest 1st-grade saffron wholesale centers in the country.

The price of saffron in pounds

How is the sale of Iranian saffron in the market?
King Business brand in England has important contracts with major food and pharmaceutical companies in this country.
Each kilo of King brand saffron in this country is between 2800 and 3130 pounds.
For buyers who are in the eurozone, one kilo of the saffron King is 2860 to 3360 euros.

The price of saffron in pounds
The price of saffron in pounds

1 kg of saffron

What factors are effective in determining the price of a kilo of saffron?
Several factors affect the price of saffron.
The most important of them is the type and grade of the product.
The quality of the saffron we buy is the first characteristic to determine the sales rate of the product.
Saffron price 14 Sep is between $3200 and $3500 per 1 kilo of grade A.

Wholesale of saffron

How to buy and sell saffron in bulk and by kilo?
This product is sold in two main ways in the market.
Retail means product supply in consumer packages and weights of 1 gram to 10 grams
Wholesale or sale of products in kilo weights
Both methods of product supply to the market have their buyers.

Wholesale of saffron
Wholesale of saffron

Saffron price 14 Sep

A very important issue for any kind of buying and selling is the price of the product or goods.
In the sale of red gold, the supply rate of the product is very important.
Considering the current market conditions, it is expected that we will continue to see an increase in the buying and selling rate of this product.

Selling saffron in France

The King Business brand has saffron sales branches in European countries.
This month, two saffron sales branches were opened in France and Belgium.
The price of saffron in Europe and all King brand branches is from 2800 to 3380 euros.
This figure is related to the sale of grade A saffron of the King brand.

Importer of saffron to Belgium

Many companies operate in the field of saffron export.
But the number of companies that can import saffron to Europe is limited.
King Business has been supplying saffron to the European market for more than 12 years.
Last month, 60 kilos of saffron were delivered to the buyer’s address in Belgium.

Importer of saffron to Belgium
Importer of saffron to Belgium

Saffron sellers in the European market

King Business is one of the biggest sellers of saffron in the European Union.
This company, having many branches in different European countries, delivers customers’ orders to their addresses.
The supply power of this company due to having saffron farms in different countries has been over 9 tons in 2022.

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