According to the predictions made, the price of saffron will fluctuate significantly in October 2022.
King saffron online shop is one of the most reliable Iranian saffron sales centers in European and American markets.
In this article, we specifically examine the saffron price 11 Sep.

Selling Iranian saffron

In which countries does Iranian saffron have the most fans?
The Saffron King brand sells saffron throughout the European Union.
There are Iranian saffron sales branches in Belgium, Germany, France, Holland, Norway, Italy, Denmark, and Greece.

The price of 10 kilos of saffron

It is expected that the price of saffron will reach $3500 on September 11.
This rate is for the wholesale of King brand super precious saffron.
The price of 10 kilos of saffron (wholesale bulk saffron) will be offered at the same rate.
The price varies for higher weights.

Wholesale of saffron

Several factors are considered in wholesale saffron.
Major buyers and countries that import red gold pay a lot of attention to the fact that:
The supply power of the saffron seller company should be high.
On the other hand, the brand credibility of the red gold seller is also very important.

Wholesale of saffron
Wholesale of saffron

Saffron price 11 Sep

Each kilo of Iranian saffron is $3,290 to $3,680 in the King Saffron shop.
Saffron price on 11 September has increased between 1 and 2 dollars per gram.

Saffron online store

What is the saffron price 11 Sep in the online shop?
Considering that the pricing process of products in Iran does not have a specific order;
Therefore, it is not very reasonable to predict the exact price of products.
However, the increasing trend of prices seems obvious.

Saffron price 2023

We have less than three months to the beginning of 2023.
As you know, the beginning of 2023 coincides with the arrival of fresh saffron in the market.
The harvesting season of this product is in the middle to the end of November.
The price of saffron in 2023 will be accompanied by a significant increase.

Saffron price 2023
Saffron price 2023

Saffron price forecast for October 2022

Mehr is known as the end of the saffron season.
At the end of this season, saffron flowers start to grow.
If the weather conditions are favorable in the red gold planting areas, we hope that this year there will be a good harvest from the agricultural fields.
Usually, the buying and selling of red gold are slow in October.

A kilo of saffron in euros

as mentioned; It is very important to have beneficial rainfall in the month of Mehr.
In this season, rain can help the growth of saffron flowers.
Therefore, the forecast of the price of saffron in October 2022 is not very clear.
The price of saffron in euros and dollars depends on the changes in the buying and selling market of this product in the countries that produce it.

A kilo of saffron in euros
A kilo of saffron in euros

Buying saffron in November

Almost from the third week of November, Nobaraneh saffron enters the market.
The new saffron will mainly enter the market in late November and mid-December. (Saffron price 11 Sep)
The purchase of saffron is done in November with a new price and fresh product.

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