Fornitura di Zafferano in Italia

As you know, Saffron King Business sells the best saffron in the Netherlands and sells pure saffron.
What is the purchase price of saffron in Amsterdam?
We are reviewing the wholesale and retail sales of saffron in the online store.
In addition, online purchase of saffron in Europe from Saffron store at is available for you buyers.

Online sale price of saffron

The table below shows the purchase price of saffron in Rotterdam at the Saffron King store.
For online purchase of saffron in Rotterdam, as well as in-person purchase, you can contact the partners of the sales unit 0031613963190
The online selling price of saffron is as follows.

Type of saffronSaffron price -Per kiloDescription
Iranian saffron1.890 €Very good quality
Afghan saffron1.920€All red color
Spanish saffron2.370 €1 g to one 35k
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Sale of pure saffron

The products of Saffron King store are guaranteed in terms of quality.
In saffron retail as well as in wholesale, quality is of paramount importance.
Pure saffron is sold in different packages.
Packing one half gram – one gram – two grams and five grams
Of course, in the wholesale of Iranian saffron, our packages are 250 grams – half a kilo and one kilogram.
Our sales representatives are also present in various cities, including Europe and the Netherlands.

Purchase price of saffron in Europe

In the above section, you saw the online sale price of saffron.
The purchase price of saffron in Europe is twofold.
Sell ​​pure bulk saffron and retail saffron.
In retail, the price of one gram of saffron is between 7 and 10 euros.
Of course, it depends on the type of saffron and its quality.
Iranian saffron between 6.5 to 9 euros per gram
In the wholesale of pure saffron, the purchase price of one kilo of saffron is 1900 Euros.
But in saffron exports, the price per kilo of pure Iranian saffron is between 1,900 and 2,700 euros.

Wholesale saffron

Saffron King Business Company has introduced its packaged products to the market in different weights.
Wholesale sale of saffron is one gram = the minimum amount of purchase and order is 1000 bags.
Of course, if you also order a half-gram package, the minimum wholesale amount of saffron is 1000 bags.
That means half a kilo of saffron
In the bulk saffron sales section, the minimum purchase amount is one kilogram – 1000 grams.
The sample of saffron is 250 grams. This amount is provided in a special package.

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Sell ​​the best saffron in Amsterdam

Our sales representatives are present in different cities of Amsterdam and different cities of the Netherlands.
Rotterdam as well as the city of Amsterdam is one of the most important centers for buying and selling saffron.
Recently, online shopping for saffron has flourished in Europe.

price per kilo of saffron

What is the price per kilo of saffron in the Netherlands and Europe?
One of the largest saffron sales centers in Amsterdam is the Saffron King store.
The sale of pure saffron is also done by our sales representative for retail and wholesale of Iranian saffron.
Of course, different types of saffron are at your service for sale online in the online store.

The price of 1 kilo of saffron on October 2

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