How many euros and dollars is 1 gram of saffron?
Will the price of saffron in October 2022?
Saffron King Business Company is one of the reliable wholesale centers of Iranian saffron in Europe.

Buy wholesale saffron

What is the privilege of buying from saffron wholesale centers?
First, we have a brief definition of bulk purchases or wholesale products.
In general, we can use the term “major” for our purchases and sales when:
The volume of our orders is significant.
For example, if the purchase order in 1-gram packages is at least 1000 pieces, we can say that we have made a bulk purchase of 1 gram of saffron.

Saffron online store

Usually, partial sales (retail sales) of products are done in the online shop.
That is, if we want to buy only 1 packet 1 or a few grams of saffron, we can go to the stores.
King shop is a wholesaler of Iranian red gold.
In this store, retail packages are also available in bulk circulation.

Saffron online store
Saffron online store

How much is 1 misqal of saffron?

One of the common weights in the sale of red gold and expensive spices in Iran is the “masqal” unit.
1 “misqal” is equivalent to 4 grams and 560 suites.
In today’s market, people still demand red gold in the form of this weight.

The price of saffron in October

In the final months of the saffron season, namely September and October, the buying and selling of this product is done differently.
Of course, fresh saffron starts to be collected in the fields from November 15.
In the crop year 2022, the amount of production of this product from farms and greenhouses decreased by 30 to 40 percent.
The fact that the main reason for the reduction of the crop last year was climatic fluctuations, therefore:
Farmers and economic activists who work in this field are worried about the impact of this year’s weather conditions on farms.

The price of saffron in October
The price of saffron in October

Wholesale of saffron

As mentioned, last year’s saffron is currently being bought and sold in the market.
The price of saffron in October 2022 has not only not decreased but is increasing.
The reason for this price increase is that: Most buyers try to buy and store the product in these months.

How much is a gram of saffron?

International markets faced an increase in the price of saffron almost from the middle of this year.
First, the wave of fluctuations in the price of this product was created in the market of producing countries, i.e. Iran and Afghanistan.
So that the price of 1 gram of saffron in April 2022 was 3 to 5 dollars on average, while on September 9 to 11 euros per gram is offered.

How much is a gram of saffron?
How much is a gram of saffron?

The price of 1 kilo of saffron in November

November is the border between last year and the beginning of selling fresh saffron in the market.
After collecting saffron flowers, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to dry and process the product.
Therefore, in November, Nobaraneh saffron is available in the market.
The price of 1 kilo of saffron will likely reach 3,650 euros in November.

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