King Brand Iranian saffron sales branch was opened in Belgium.
Saffron King Business is one of the most reliable saffron wholesale centers in Europe.
The sale of Iranian saffron collected in 2024 has started in all branches of this international brand.

Selling Iranian saffron

Which type is the best-selling saffron in the Brussels market?
King brand offers its products according to the taste of European saffron buyers.
This company supplies all kinds of Iranian red gold in 4 grades N, A, A+, A++ to the world markets.

How many euros is 1 gram of saffron?

How many euros is the price of saffron in Belgium?
Each gram of Iranian red gold has different rates according to how it is sold.
In Saffronking.Shop, each gram of saffron in wholesale is between 10 and 14 euros.

Online shopping for saffron

More than 89% of the buying and selling of products and goods is done online.
This percentage is higher in European countries.
In addition to selling saffron online, the King brand has an official branch in Belgium and most European countries.

The price of saffron in Belgium

At what price is 1 kilo of saffron bought and sold in the European market?
The grade of the product and its preparation method (bulk package or purchase of saffron in retail packages) play a decisive role in the sales rate.
The price of saffron in Belgium is on average 2930 to 3280 euros per 1 kilo of grade A.
The N grade of the King brand is available in the European market for an average of 2740 euros.

Wholesale of saffron in Europe

Saffron King Business is one of the largest suppliers and wholesalers of saffron in the European market.
The ability to supply red gold in the form of tonnage is one of the exclusive capabilities of the King brand.
Special service before and after sale is another special privilege of this global brand.

Saffron sales branch in Belgium

Last week, the Iranian saffron sales branch of King Business Company officially started working.
This center is the eighth official branch of the King brand.
Soon the saffron sales office in France will start its official activity.

King Business Company

In the previous sections, some services of King Business were mentioned.
This company is active in planting and producing red gold, selling and exporting saffron in all countries of the world.
Branches of this prestigious brand are currently located in the following countries.
United Arab Emirates

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