Quelles sont les utilisations du safran ?

In this article, we will introduce the most reputable saffron sales center and review the major saffron purchase methods.
What kind of product and in what packages does the bulk saffron wholesale branch offer?
The price of saffron in 2023 will be uploaded on this site soon.

Sale price of saffron

Sale price of saffron
Sale price of saffron

The official Saffron KING branch operates in different countries.
This center is offered as the most prestigious store of Iranian red gold as well as Afghan saffron.
The selling price of saffron in the new year is between 1970 and 2500 dollars.
Premium saffron types are offered in various packages with the market.

Buy and sell saffron in the market

Sell ​​the product in non-hot packages – one gram and 5 grams
Of course, in the retail of saffron in the online store, the price of one gram of saffron is between 2 to 6 dollars.
Saffron is bought and sold in the market at various rates.
In caves and supermarkets, the same type of product is sold for $ 3.5 to $ 8.

The price of saffron in 2023

Due to fluctuations in product sales rates this month, the prices of saffron types are regularly updated.
Because we have agricultural farms in Iran and Afghanistan.
So you can buy saffron directly from our farmers.
In this way, the price of products for you will be much lower than the market.

Wholesale bulk saffron

Wholesale bulk saffron
Wholesale bulk saffron

The number of centers that sell saffron centrally is limited.
High tariffs and taxes for buying and selling this product reduce the profits of activists in this field.
KING branches in most countries are engaged in wholesale bulk saffron.
The products of this brand are produced and packaged according to European standards and analyzes.

Buy bulk saffron

In addition to online sales and ordering through SaffronKing.Shop
It is also possible to buy major saffron from our branches in person.
Saffron KING is supplied in tonnage and buyers can order any product they need with complete confidence.
While the quality of the product and its packaging is 100% guaranteed by the company.

Export of saffron in 2023

Export of saffron in 2022

The quarantine conditions of COVID_19 are almost over and economic and social relations have returned to normal.
Exports and imports of products are booming and conditions are improving.
Large quantities of Iranian red gold and Afghan saffron are sent by our company to all over the world.
The price of saffron in 2023 will not change much.
Do you also want to buy the highest quality products at the best price from the most reputable company supplying saffron and a specialized seller of red gold?

Direct contact with saffron sales department

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