Soon the sale of fresh saffron will start in the market.
It seems that the price of bulk saffron this year has increased significantly.
What are the conditions for buying saffron collected in 2022 from the King Business brand?

Buy 1 kilo of saffron

The first purple flowers of the saffron plant have grown in some fields.
In less than two or three weeks, this year’s harvested saffron will enter the market.
Of course, this year’s major sale of saffron will start in about a month.
It is expected that the purchase price of 1 kilo of fresh saffron will be between $3,260 and $3,650.

Wholesale of saffron

Saffron market analysts are facing important news these days.
The largest saffron trade agreement in the world has been signed between Iran and Qatar.
The initial profit estimated for this contract is 300 million dollars.
King Business brand is one of the reliable wholesalers in the saffron market of Arab countries, especially Qatar.

Wholesale of saffron
Wholesale of saffron

The price of bulk saffron this year

Considering the important contract signed with Qatar in the field of saffron supply,
We will increase the price of bulk saffron this year in Iran.
Analysts believe that the sales rate of this product in the domestic market of Iran, like last year, still fluctuates greatly.

Online shopping for saffron

What kind of products do commercial sites selling saffron offer?
The range of activity of online sales sites is different.
For example, some online stores only cover a certain area.
But the King shop store site operates with an international domain.
Considering that the buyers of this store are from all over the world, therefore, all types of saffron are offered in this store.

Online shopping for saffron
Online shopping for saffron

The price of fresh saffron

The high quality of Iranian saffron has always been approved by the buyers of this product.
Arab and European countries import 100 tons of Iranian saffron every year.
Although we are in the early days of Mehr 2022,
From now on, it is easy to predict that the price of fresh saffron will increase by 20 to 30% on average.

1 gram of saffron

As you know, saffron fields begin to flower at the beginning of November.
As the saffron flowers begin to grow, workers go to the fields very early every morning and collect fresh flowers.
The price of 1 gram of saffron is currently €8 to €10.
Soon, this year’s bulk saffron price will be uploaded on this website.

1 gram of saffron
1 gram of saffron

Selling Iranian saffron

Why is the quality of Iranian saffron better than the product of other countries?
Scientific production and collection of saffron flowers in the fields of Iran are done naturally and traditionally.
This is one of the reasons for the high quality of Iranian red gold.
After collecting saffron flowers from the fields, workers manually separate the red gold strands from the petals.
The process of drying fresh saffron is done in cool environments.
For this reason, the aroma of Iranian red gold is completely preserved.

Buying saffron collected in 2022

Does the saffron trade agreement with Qatar affect the sales rate of saffron collected in 2022?
This contract will have a significant impact on the price of bulk saffron this year in the Iranian market.
The buyers of this product are getting their saffron in October.
Because they believe that the price of fresh saffron will increase a lot.

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