Last month, a large part of the saffron produced by the global company King Business has been exported to Europe.
Here we review the Iranian saffron price Oct.

Export price of saffron

Two 55-kg pure saffron parts were exported to Europe.
Located in Europe, King Business will deliver the products to its German customer.
Costs for saffron exports increased by more than 9 percent.
1 kg of saffron is sold for between $3,500 and $4,200 in the global market.

One kilogram of saffron

Saffron price in September
Saffron price in September

In Germany and other European countries, this product is usually purchased and sold in euros.
The King Business Saffron Shop offers 4,000 Euros per kilo of Iranian red gold.
Do you know what services the Saffron Export Department offers to your customers?

Price of saffron in France

You read your previous article; Our company has sales branches in different European countries, including France.
Paris and the city of Marseilles are two major cities where King Business is located.
The shop sells Iranian, Afghan, and Spanish saffron to the French market.
1g saffron is purchased and sold in online shops between 13 and 16 euros.

Exporting saffron to France

One of the most important services of our company to you honorable traders is to deliver all kinds of Iranian saffron across the EU to the address you provide.
This means that all matters related to product analysis, standards and health authorization, all matters related to customs and … our company will do for you.
It is enough to buy saffron.
Tell our sales department the amount of saffron you need and also the address to offer the best quality products as soon as possible.
The most notable point is that for you dear buyers, the price of saffron will not increase.

Iranian saffron price Oct

In total, when we offer you the products in the EU, the side costs won’t be calculated for you because we have saffron sales branches in different cities and countries in Europe.
Another important feature of King Business International for buyers of saffron is that the Iranian saffron price Oct seals and Other days are regularly available to you dear buyers.

Price saffron today

Many saffron buyers are some sort of traders.
Of course, because of the company’s policies and rules; We sell saffron mainly and our customers are special.
You are the saffron traders and those who have stores and want to sell this product in your stores can get the price list of saffron through the form below.

1kg saffron price in the UK

Considering that King Business is the biggest supplier and exporter of red gold, the company is selling the largest amount of saffron in Spain.
In London, the Iranian saffron price Oct will range between 3,800 and 4,500 pounds.
The best way to buy red gold in the UK is to communicate directly with the sales department of the parent company and get detailed information about purchasing this product.

Price buy Saffron

Where’s the nearest saffron shop to me?
In which European countries does King Business have sales branches?
In these countries, you can buy a variety of products in various packaging from the Saffron King store at the best price.

Direct contact with saffron sales department
Please enter your mobile phone number and email address carefully so that our colleagues in Safran Sales can contact you. (Call pure saffron sales and wholesaling premium saffron +4917687913876

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