International trade of saffron + Factors saffron 2024

The profit from the international trade of saffron is significant.
We review the factors affecting saffron 2024 together.

International trade of Iranian saffron

Entering the world markets and establishing relations and international trade is of particular importance for countries and creates a dynamic economy.
The export of non-oil products, including agricultural products, has caused the country’s exports to go out of a single product mode.
In the meantime, saffron, as a non-oil export product that is well-known and popular in the world, has been able to generate employment and generate good currency for Iran.

Saffron 2024

Saffron 2024

But adopting some policies can affect the export process.
As a strategic product, the export of saffron has been affected by various factors over time.
It is expected that the export trend of saffron will grow significantly in 2024 and 2025.

What factors affect the export of Iranian red gold?

In the trade process, various factors can affect the export of any commodity, including red gold:
The amount of product production: When the amount of production of a product in the country exceeds the needs of the society, the conditions for its export are smoothed.
Iran has always been the top producer of saffron in the world and supplies 90% of the world’s saffron with the highest quality.

The impact of currency and dollar fluctuations on the amount of saffron exports

The impact of currency and dollar fluctuations on the amount of saffron exports

Fluctuations in the exchange rate and the price of the dollar in Iran have a direct effect on the increase or decrease in product prices.
When the price of the dollar rises, the price of goods also rises.
These fluctuations directly affect the price of saffron and change its export price.

The price of exported saffron in the world market

In commercial transactions, businessmen are usually trying to buy their desired product with good quality but cheaper prices.
This makes the product easier to sell and creates a higher profit margin.

The role of commercial and political relations of countries

Business relations with countries and economic conditions of the target country:
In exporting (saffron), having business relations with countries that have more experience in buying and consuming saffron reduces the business risk.
This issue creates long-term relationships with these countries and, as a result, higher profits.
Also, in exporting, the economic conditions of the destination country are of particular importance.

Buyers of Iranian saffron

Buyers of Iranian saffron

Since saffron is considered a luxury and expensive commodity,
countries with stronger economies are better buyers and consumers for saffron.
Quality is a priority for consumers in such countries.
Therefore, establishing a connection and strengthening exports with countries with
larger economies will create a coordinated supply for sustainable products and business.

Customs tariff and export of saffron

Customs tariffs of saffron importing countries affect the price of saffron and the amount of its export.
The higher the customs tariff, the higher the price of the product.

Strategies to increase the amount of sales and exports

Product packaging: The more stylish and attractive the product package is,
the higher the probability of sales and also creates added value and higher profit margin.
Brand name: Not having a brand name and exporting saffron in bulk.
The export of bulk saffron has made saffron importing countries,
including Spain, buy Iranian quality saffron at a low price and re-export it under their own name and brand.
Spain’s saffron traders have a lot of profit for their country in this way.
Not having a brand causes the loss of target countries and the name and trademark remain unknown.
The 7 cases mentioned are among the factors that can affect the export of saffron.

The company importing saffron to world markets

The company importing saffron to world markets

King Business Company is one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters and major sellers of saffron, under the king brand at the global level.
King saffron company sells saffron in a certain circulation and in packages of 250 grams to 1 kilo in bulk and packaging.
Also, saffron is offered to customers in packages of 25 hundred grams to 10 grams and a half shekel and one shekel for partial sales.
In this article, we explained the factors affecting saffron 2024.

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