Export of saffron to European countries is a profitable business.
France is one of the important destinations of saffron.

Super Negin saffron

Today, one of the customers operating in the Paris market contacted the central branch of Saffron King Business in the Netherlands.
This merchant’s question was about the price of first grade saffron for the French market.
The saffron he is looking for is Super Negin saffron, which is also known as A+ saffron.

The price of first class saffron (Super Negin saffron)

Saffrons for export are available both in bulk packages (250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo and 5 kilos) and in gram packaging.
Our client, who is engaged in saffron business, was looking for the price of bulk saffron and the price of packaged saffron.
The noteworthy point is that usually the saffrons that are exported from Iran and Afghanistan to other countries are offered in bulk.
If you are also looking for the daily price of saffron, contact our colleagues. (Sales)

How to export saffron

To export saffron, one must go through very complicated steps.
From obtaining an export license to obtaining international standards, paying taxes, customs, transportation and other issues.
For this reason, our client, who is a saffron trader, wanted to receive saffron in Paris to facilitate their work process.
His suggestion was that King Business Company should carry out the transfer of saffron.
We have been selling and transporting saffron for many years for saffron traders and marketers.
It is enough for you to announce the final destination of the saffrons so that we can deliver the saffron to you or your representative right there.

King Business Saffron brand

This customer was fully familiar with King Business brand, he was very eager to operate under the name and brand of Saffron King Business in Paris.
This French businessman stated that King Business in Paris is a well-known and reliable brand and it will be much easier to work with this brand.
For this reason, his request was to send saffron in King Business brand packaging.
(If you wish, we will send saffron to your final destination with your own name and brand.)

Export of saffron to European countries

King Business Company cooperates with saffron merchants in all European countries such as Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and England.
King Business Company is engaged in Export of saffron to European countries.
Our branch in Paris has been active for many years and provides French and foreign traders with saffron and saffron products.
Saffron products (saffron extract, saffron powder, saffron essence, etc.)
Saffron King Business, in cooperation with French merchants, sends saffron and its products to the following cities:

Den Haag

sample saffron (test saffron)

As a result of today’s talks with the French businessman, it was decided to send 250 grams of first grade saffron for France as a sample to Paris.
According to the plans, we will have a wider and bigger cooperation in Paris next month.
If you also intend to export saffron to France or other European countries, we can deliver the saffron to you at the final destination. (contact with WhatsApp)

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