When you buy the product without intermediaries, you make a profit.
It is better to buy a valuable product like saffron directly from the farmer.
The price of buying saffron in 2023?
Buying saffron from the producer and farmer will make you fully confident about the price and quality of the products.

buying saffron in 2023

The price of saffron in 2023

When you buy your products directly from the original manufacturer, you pay extra for them.
This makes you buy products at real prices.
One of King’s services to you, dear customers, is that the price of saffron in 2023 is available to you daily on this company’s website.
The price of 1 kilo of saffron in Europe is between 2900 and 3500 euros.

Selling saffron in Europe

Buying saffron from the manufacturer makes you fully confident about the quality of the products.
We have been planting saffron in Iran and Afghanistan since 2009.
If you have seen the videos of our company’s saffron farm on the Saffron King website, we grow saffron and you can buy the products you need from our company with full confidence in the quality and price of saffron.

Price of buying saffron in 2023 from a saffron farmer

The price of 1 gram and 1 kilo of saffron

Since we are the wholesalers of saffron, that’s why the price of our products is very affordable for you.
One of the important services of King Business is that it provides you with the prices of products daily so that you can easily do business with this company.
Guaranteeing the quality of the products as well as the reasonable price of saffron shows a bright future for cooperation with King Business.

Capacity to supply saffron per year

The capacity of 2000 kg of saffron supply has made King Company one of the largest suppliers and suppliers of saffron in Europe.
In addition, this company has provided you with the conditions that you can buy this product in packages of 0.05-0.10-0.25 grams and bulk sales in packages of 250 grams, half a kilo, and one kilo from this company.

We are always available to you

The creation of branches in different European countries allows you to buy the products you need from our company in the shortest possible time.

Terms of cooperation with King Business

Companies, factories, restaurants, shops and even people who want to buy red gold in small quantities can contact our company’s sales department.
If you want to start working in the saffron business or be one of our company’s branches in your city, please contact the Branch Licensing Department.
Respected farmers who want to sell their saffron to our company can directly communicate with our colleagues and present their products to our company.
If you want to be employed in the administrative departments of our company, you can send a message to the company’s email address.

Planting saffron

Do you know that King Business Company produces saffron?
In the section below, you can see the agricultural fields of this company.
We started planting saffron in different cities in 2019.

Planting saffron in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the producers of saffron.
Due to the fertile soil and weather conditions, very high-quality products are planted in this country.
King Business Company has a farm in Herat city and plants red gold.

Iranian saffron

This country is the largest producer of saffron in the world.
In the pictures below, you can see the agricultural fields of King Business Company.

The price of buying saffron in 2023?

Every year red gold is planted by our farmers.
One of the most important advantages of buying saffron from a farmer is that you will be 100% sure of the quality of the products.

Selling Iranian saffron

The effort of our purchasing department is to provide quality and pure products to your customers.
For this reason, our business consultants suggest you visit the company’s website to get the price of saffron and after you are sure of the price and quality of the products, buy saffron.

Selling saffron without intermediaries

The sales branches of King Business sell red to gold to the market directly, that is, without intermediaries.
Please pay attention to making a profitable investment.
If you buy red gold from various companies and dealers, there is a possibility that they will sell you quality products.

The largest supplier of saffron

Considering that the annual capacity of King Business Company is more than 2 thousand kilos of red gold, for this reason, this company is known as the largest supplier of saffron in Europe.
The price of buying saffron in 2023?
Buying saffron in 2023 from the manufacturer will make you buy red gold at a real price.

Saffron planting centers in Iran

Saffron is sold in which cities is saffron cultivated?
King Business has farms in different cities and villages in Iran and Afghanistan and cultivates saffron.

Mashhad city
Qian city
North Khorasan
Southern Khorasan
Bejestan village
Middle village
Guzik village

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