Saffron King Business Company
Reg No: 75680505 – Netherlands
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About us Saffron King Company - Introduction
About us Saffron King Company – Introduction

About us

Saffron King Business is registered in Europe and has its main headquarters at
Delfgaauwstraat 34 B, 3037 LN Rotterdam Netherlands, The Netherlands, with representation in
different countries of the world, such as Spain, Germany,
Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco, Turkey, Dubai
We are producers and exporters of saffron.

Our company

Our European base is dedicated to the sales and logistics part of our operations,
allowing us to offer proximity, better services and more security to our esteemed clients.
We will always be available to offer you our services on site, both for sales and after sales.

Our products

Saffron offered by our branches and representatives comes mainly from our own crops.
These crops are located in the Mashad province in Iran and in the Herat province in Afghanistan.
Saffron production of our company can be categorized in three ways. – Organic saffron
cultivation – Saffron cultivation on agricultural land – Saffron cultivation by greenhouse methods.
The farmers of our company implement knowledge passed from generation to generation for
the cultivation and harvest of saffron, said saffron will pass a rigorous quality control
and classification in our state-of-the-art facilities that meets the standards of ISO 3632- ISO 3631

Packaging and Stock

We offer our large volume customers the option of choosing 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg and 5kg packaging.
within a period of several days with European phytosanitary certifications.
In 2021 we have 16,000 kg and in 2022 we will have 18,000 kg of saffron.

Our philosophy (Our philosophy)

After our clients, brand and reputation is our most valuable asset.
We take our transcendent goals strongly and are committed to human values.
Quality and integrity form the basis of our development strategy.
Saffron King Business has made remarkable progress in saffron production and cultivation,
as well as in the field of saffron sale and export.

Vision for the future

The vision of the future of the executives of Saffron King Business, is the development of qualitative,
sustainable and lasting commercial activities, this philosophy has allowed our company to have
earned the trust of our esteemed clients.
We plan to expand the activities of the research and development team to increase our saffron production.
We will implement strategies based on experience and dialogue with our esteemed clients in order
to eliminate risks and help them reach your objectives.
We hope to share this path with you, and that the quality of our products and services meets your expectations.

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